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Providing Easy Access to Sustainable, Chemical-Free Goodness.

Climate Positive Farms

95% Recycled Wated

Zero Chemicals

Red Otter Farms

Our promise is simple. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and say hello to delicious, nutritious food.

As farmers, we grow clean, fresh produce that we are happy to eat ourselves. And bring it to your table!

From all the high quality produce we grow and source, we thoughtfully make a selection that goes well together.

Subscription Plans

Subscribe, Save, Savor: OtterFresh's Hassle-Free Subscription Plans Deliver Exceptional Value and Convenience!

Subscriber Savings

Unlock Exclusive Savings: Make Organic Produce Accessible and Affordable with Our Subscription Plans!

Simple Scheduling

Schedule with Ease: Effortlessly Manage Your OtterFresh Deliveries for a Customized, Convenient Experience!

Sustainable Living

Go Green, Subscribe: Support Sustainable, Efficient Produce Growth with OtterFresh!


Quality Selection

Handpicking the highest quality seeds, we prioritize safe, chemical-free, and nutritionally rich produce.


Sustainable Cultivation

Employing hydroponic & precision farming techniques in our farms, we cultivate responsibly grown produce.


Hygienic Harvest

Our produce is carefully harvested and cleaned, ensuring the utmost safety and freshness for our customers.


Swift Delivery

Delivering to your doorstep the very next day, we guarantee peak freshness and exceptional taste for a delightful experience.